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White Oak Animal Safe Haven was founded by Ina Jean Marton. She opened the doors to the shelter on September 21, 2003. The main goal of this shelter was, and still is, to save homeless and stray animals.

There are countless reasons why no-kill shelters are so important. First and foremost, it is extremely unfair to the animals to be euthanized for any reason besides a serious medical issue where they are suffering. A no-kill shelter would never euthanize an animal to make room for another or because an animal has been in the shelter for a certain length of time.

No-kill shelters are more likely to find a suitable home for the individual pet and make the new owners aware of the pet's strengths and weaknesses. We understand that certain animals cannot go to homes with other animals or possibly a certain dog cannot be placed in a home with children. We will find the best possible home for our animals as to not ever put them in danger. Our ultimate goal is to make their new homes their forever homes, we do not want any of our pets to end up homeless again and especially for something that could have been avoided from the start. Read More

21st October 2013

Spay/Neuter Service

Posted on 2013-10-21

Spay/Neuter Service

We spay and neuter pets by appointment and under certain

circumstances.  All cats are $60.00.  Dogs under 40 lbs are

$100. 40 lbs - 55 lbs are $120.  No females are taken if over

6 months old.  Any male dog over 55 lbs or flat nosed dogs

must be approved by the vet.

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